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Profil de l'offre

Catégorie d'emploi: Personnel enseignant
Ordre d'enseignement: Préscolaire – Primaire
Poste: Enseignant(e) d'anglais au primaire/ Elementary school teacher
Matières: Divers (enseignement en anglais)
Type: Temps complet
Date de fin de concours: 2023-06-15
Courriel de la personne responsable: egauthier@ecolevsa.com
Établissement: École Vision Saint-Augustin
4920, rue Pierre-Georges-Roy
École Vision St-Augustin
Téléphone : 418 877-3846
Télécopieur : 418 877-9752


Elementary teaching position in an English immersion context (teaching all subjects in English as a first language)
Full time
Permanent position – career possibility

Teaching many subjects in English (ELA, math, science, ERC, etc.)

Possibility to be an homeroom teacher

Salary: equivalent to public schools
Full time: 35 hours per week
Permanent position

You must:

  • excellent English (written and spoken)
  • able to communicate in French (basic)
  • completed degree in Education
  • brevet or teaching license
  • be dynamic, creative, willing to learn and work in teams
  • be organized and flexible
  • love youth literature, sports (games) and nature
  • ready to adopt new pedagogical approches
  • knowledge of technology (using iPad, artificial intelligence and others new approches)
  • facility to connect with children and good social skills
  • like to do projects (supported and encouraged by the school)

Starting date: August 2023

We can apply online or send your resume to egauthier@ecolevsa.com

Are you looking to take part in a very dynamic, passionate, positive, engaged and tightly knit team? If so, Vision St-Augustin is where it all begins! Working sure rhymes with pleasure at our place. Let your passions shine through several inviting and stimulating areas found in our school or again outdoors in nature as our yard is surrounded by a magnificent forest. At our school, we encourage you to share your ideas, your creativity and your imagination at all times in order to be able to realize all of your projects. As a team, we continue to learn and to find the best way to make our students grow by learning in different ways. In all, we make learning FUN for everyone! Vision St-Augustin makes sure that our happiness and our well-being are respected. Helping one another is important as well. We offer you excellent working conditions as well as an employee assistance program for free. We are a school, where several moments of laughter are heard, where group discussions and teamwork are seen and where technology or our robotic club is used everyday. As you walk through the hallways, you are sure to be greeted respectfully and with a smile. Each day is a memory that we place in order to keep building our Vision School adventure. We can’t wait for you to join our team since “Together, we are better”!

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